Top5 - Staying Engaged at Work

Top5 – Staying Engaged at Work

October 26, 2016

Research has shown that when an individual’s engagement levels are very low, they may be suffering from burn out. If you think you are at this stage, and your organisation has an Employee Assistance Program, it could be worth seeking their help.

Of course, the ideal is not to get to that point in the first place and here are some ways to help you keep yourself engaged:

1 Reclaim your strengths. It can be useful to take a look back at why you wanted your job in the first place. Was there something you hoped to accomplish or learn? Was the company a good place to develop a network or to express a particular talent or skill? If you’ve mastered what you set out to do, it’s natural to feel bored. Recharge yourself by adding a new goal. Or focus more of your energy on doing what it was that attracted you to the role in the first place.

2 Express gratitude. Employees whose managers express their appreciation for their work feel more engaged. But if your boss isn’t big on compliments or positive support, develop your own ways of showing gratitude. Allow yourself to feel good about something you accomplished that day, even if it was something small. It could have been your ability to stay cool during a stressful meeting. Show appreciation for your team and other colleagues. Giving compliments feels almost as good, and sometimes more so, than receiving them.

3 Recognise your value. If you can’t rely on your boss to reward your accomplishments, look for other opportunities to share your expertise. You could speak at a conference or write a blog or mentor someone in a field in which you are an expert, or very knowledgeable. Most important, of course, is internal validation – acknowledging your efforts and talents and feeling good about the value you bring to your job regardless of how others behave. If you’re having trouble doing so, think of the compliments you have received lately, and let them remind you of what you bring to the table.

4 Challenge the status quo. It’s easy to fall into a rut when we do the same thing every day. Find ways to shake up your routine or schedule. A small change – taking a different route to work, spending ten minutes a day reading a novel or taking a brisk walk – is often enough.

5  Take a break. Many people who report being disengaged are actually burnt out. Think about when you aren’t getting enough sleep and everything in your world seems grey. Successful, driven people often aren’t very good at taking a break – even when that’s what they need to do to be more productive. Taking a vacation, a long weekend, or even an hour to kick back can refresh you enough to feel better about work, or to find the energy to make changes.




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