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Top5 – How to Conduct a Constructive Exit Interview

November 30, 2015

Organisations often get feedback from customers that depart and the same is advisable with employees that are moving on. Exit interviews are a great opportunity to gain insights into why good employees are leaving your organisation and should never be a session used for employees to vent in advance of their pending departure. In this Top5 you find tips to help you conduct a constructive and useful exit interview:

1. Confidentiality is essential, without candid and honest feedback, exit interviews can become a tick the box exercise. It is essential to create an environment of trust for your employees and reassure them that their feedback is completely confidential.

2. Focus on good employees who are leaving your organisation. Feedback from all employees is desirable, however, gaining feedback and understanding the driver for your high performing employees is essential for future-proofing your organisation.

3. Don’t intimidate your employees, in some organisations exit interviews are carried out by HR and the employees’ line manager. If you want your employee to feel completely relaxed it is advisable to create an atmosphere where they do not feel like they are being ganged up on. Exit interview should be one on one and preferable not being carried out by the employees direct line manager.

4. Keep your interviews quick with simple questions. Your employee is on their way out and engagement may be low depending on the situation. Keep your exit interview to a maximum of 30 mins and make your questions simple and specific. Click here for example questions.

5. Assess the information, the main purpose of exit interviewing is to identify ways in which the organisation can improve from an employee engagement and retention perspective. Many exit interview are straight forward however, be prepared to take escalate any feedback you receive that is against your organisations policies and procedures.

For more information on exit interviews and best practice way to carry out an exit interview see our full topic click here.

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