Top5 – Building Cross Cultural Relationships

July 1, 2015

In this time of global business you will need to engage global stakeholders across different cultures.  Most relationships across cultures are built on mutual trust, respect and clear communication. Culture is also comprised of many aspects including language, beliefs, customs and traditions.

1. Be open – Keep an open mind, we all have an inbuilt bias that we are unaware of. Be aware of stereotypes, and expand and build a cross section of relationships. You will want to build key relationships with diverse groups and to diverse ways of thinking.

2. Leverage your current relationships – Seek out your existing relationships, both those in your organisation and socially. Be honest about your inquiry and you will find that most people will be happy to share their cultural background, or overseas experiences.

3. Networking events – There are a host of networking events you can attend, start internally and get involved, try a diversity and inclusion forum or seek out cultural events, professional organisations or minority business events.

4. Volunteer – You can volunteer your time and expertise to support culturally diverse organisations or charities. This will give you the opportunity to gain insights on different cultures and build trust.

5. Miscommunication – If miscommunication occurs be persistent and positive with your intent and position. This will give credibility and standing as someone who values the relationship for the long term.

For more information on organisational culture check out our Developing Cultures Topic.

Developing cultures

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