Top 5 Ways to Manage Your Salesforce

Top 5 Ways to Manage Your Salesforce

November 21, 2017

Continuous technological advances in sales management allows sales executives, sales managers and boards to see exactly how their salesforce is performing.  These technologies provide, drag and drop interfaces, automated tools, management reporting and Customer Engagement platforms.

Top Sales Managers realise there is alot more to managing a salesforce.  It’s not just about reams of data, graphs, coding reports and complex algorithms to get results. It is about the people.

In this Top 5 you will find a list of fundamentals that will help you manage your salesforce.

1. Double the Rewards
Studies show one of the most effective ways to manage motivation and the effort of your sales team is a combination of individual and team rewards. Team based reward systems are based on a measurement of team performance, with individual rewards received on the basis of the individual contributors’ performance. A combination of rewards encourages individual efforts towards common business goals, and they widen the opportunity for reward and therefore motivation.

2. Stuff the Pipeline with Realism
Many organisations adopt the 4 x sales pipeline to conversion ratio and treat this as a one size fits all approach.  However for many organisations this is not a realistic pipeline measurement. By looking at your teams historical conversion rates, by section, industry, sales executive capability,  you can gain a more realistic picture of what your teams true sales pipeline-to-conversion ratio is and predict outcomes.  Better still, work with your salesforce to understand how they are seeing the market and adjust your pipeline measures to reflect the REAL market.

3. Train and Watch the ROI Boom
It seems obvious that as a Sales Manager you would train and coach your salesforce regardless of experience.  However a large percentage of sales people in particular long term sales people say they are not offered ongoing training to keep their skills razor sharp and relevant.  A small investment in your salesforce can provide you and your organisation with big results. In fact recent statistics show that ROI increase 4 fold when sales employees receive infield training and re-inforcement (Source:

4. Good Intel is King
Great sales teams can lose out when they focus solely on the sale and do not gather strong customer, market and competitor intelligence.  You can help boost your salesforces chances of success by encouraging them to focus on their customers’ priorities and needs.  To further boost your salesforces sales you will benefit your sales team by providing them with ongoing access to relevant and up to date market and customer information that can often be the key to a sales person closing the deal.

5. Celebrate the Milestones
Commission cheques are not the only motivators of your salesforce. For some these monetary rewards only come quarterly, half yearly or yearly.  So how do you keep your sales force all moving in the same direction towards success?  You must celebrate the milestones along the way.  Breakdown larger long term targets into smaller targets, visually represent the sales targets and achievements in the workplace. Enjoy time together with team drinks or a social outing.  Keep it light hearted yet focused.

Check out our topic on Sales Skills for more information of how to better manage your salesforce.

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