Top 5 – Effective Job Analysis Techniques

October 2, 2015

Hiring the right candidate is one of the most important roles of a leader or manager. Ensuring you hire the right person for the role and your organisation takes time and effort from the outset, however it will allow a solid foundation for you and your new hire to start from. Position descriptions are often used as a means of identifying what is required from a role, but are often left unreviewed for long periods. As the needs of the organisation and teams change over time, thus do the requirements of the position. This is where carrying out a job analysis can be useful. By carrying out a job analysis you will gain a deeper understanding of the type of personality, experience and qualifications required to effectively carry out the role. In this top 5 you will find tips to help you carry out job analysis.

1. Conversations – A great place to start is to speak with the current employee in the role in your organisation or mployees and managers in other organisations that have a similar role. This will give you insights into what the role looks like per the position description and what the role is in reality, and identify any gaps.

2. Organisational Fit – Where does this role fit into the organisation and how does it support the organisational strategy. How does the role help the organisation achieve its goals? Why is the role important to the organisation?

3. Qualifications – What are the qualification needed to effectively perform in the role? These may be academic qualifications, knowledge, skills and training.

4. Mental or Physical Aspects – each role with have various degrees of mental or physical attributes. Take into account mental characteristics such as ability to assess situations, ability assess situations quickly, decision making or excellent planning skills. Or in comparison does the role require physical abilities such as being able to stand for extended periods, lifting and moving of goods or ability to do shift work.

5. Execution of the role – Understanding the way in which the role will be carried out on a daily basis. Looking at the methods, processes and any specific equipment that is to be used.

For more models, templates and examples to support you in carrying out a job analysis and developing position descriptions click here.

Developing position descriptions

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