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Promote www.ManagersDoor.Com to earn great commission, passive income with little effort.

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The www.ManagersDoor.Com affiliate program is designed specifically for Corporate Trainers and Independent Consultants to increase their income with no extra work, time commitments or sore feet at the end of the day.
When you become a www.ManagersDoor.Com affiliate you’ll earn up to 30% for each client that signs up.

The great thing about www.ManagersDoor.Com is you can use it to support your existing programs, saving you design time and create a blended learning experience for your clients.

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Sounds Good, How Does It Work?

Signing your clients up is very simple, all you have to so is advise us of how many members your client would like to subscribe and the level of membership and we take care of the agreement, terms and conditions and all administration of www.ManagersDoor.Com. Your client receives instant access to www.ManagersDoor.Com and we pay you commission!

www.ManagersDoor.Com is and online portal designed for people to manage themselves, their teams and the business. It has ready to use resources, templates, checklists and how-to-guides so that your people get better quality results.

Your clients will receive 1000’s of resources with:

  • Ready-to-use templates –  saving hours of time
  • Models – to simplify tough decisions
  • Checklists – to improve quality
  • Examples and how-to guides to get better outcomes
  • Dos and Don’ts
  • 12 month implementation program including system training
  • Monthly Top5 Tips
  • New and improved topics every month
  • Alignment with existing learning and development initiatives or internal processes
  • Quarterly Reporting
  • Lunch & Learns
  • Marketing Resources

If you’ve got existing clients that you feel will benefit from www.ManagersDoor.Com you can promote it directly. You can also build www.ManagersDoor.Com into your learning and development solutions and interventions. www.ManagersDoor.Com is a great resource for pre and post workshop activities to help embed your training with your clients.

We have members from:

 Royal Agricultural Society NSW  Nine Entertainment  Peters Meats  Slater Gordon
 Birch & Waite  Santos  Australian Institute  of Company Directors  Telstra
 YMCA  Telstra Super  Citi Group  University of Sydney
 SA Water  Geyer  ANZ Stadium

Corporate Rates

Your clients could be performing better for less than $1 per day!

Rates - October2015


Example Commission:

The table below details an example of possible commissions you could earn dependant on the number of members you sign up.

 10 Members  50 Members  100 Members
 Year 1  $1,584  $7,920 $11,880
 Every year on renewal  $528  $2,640 $7,920