Business Templates

Strategic Plan Template, Marketing Plan Template, Project Plan Template, & More!

When you come to you will have practical and easy to use information to apply for yourself, with your people and managing your business.

Depending on the door you access you can download business templates such as strategic plan templates, marketing plan templates, or project plan templates quickly to get on with the job, equipped with the information and tools you need to be at your best.

You will get faster and quicker results with quality resources. It’s easy to use and you will love the way it makes you look great at work too!



Confidential Document reviews and feedback
(Gold door key access)

Send your documents through for one of our business experts to review. It could be a proposal, strategy document, letters or draft emails. Our consultants have at least 20 years commercial experience supported by a business degree to help you get better results. Each year you can send through up to 12 documents making you look more fantastic to your employees and clients as a result!


Exclusive business networking
(Gold door access)

In this exclusive group you get to connect with other business leaders throughout Australia and Asia to build relationships with other switched on business people. Helping you and you business grow.




Personalised Executive Coaching
(Gold door access)

Based on your needs we will match you up with one of our specialist business consultants who will work one on one with you to achieve your business goals. By phone or skype you will have access to 12 1/2hr sessions over a 12 month period to keep you focused and get the results you need.


Money back guarantee
(Gold and Silver door access)

We have included resources in that are practical, proven, easy to use and get you results. If you are not satisfied simply contact us and cancel your subscription. All we ask is for your feedback on the cancellation so that we continually improve for our members.

  Money back guarantee (1)



Business Samples
(Gold and Silver door access)

We will give you samples of strategy documents, position descriptions, positions vacant advertisements, sales call scripts and so much more. These business samples will save you hours each year and having to reinvent the wheel or start your design from scratch.


Business Templates
(Gold and Silver door access)

You will be able to down load templates and use them immediately for topics on coaching, managing team meetings, designing proposals, project management and so many others




Business Models
(Gold and Silver door access)

Over twenty years of consulting in Australia, NZ and Asia we have designed and refined models that you can implement in your business such as Sales Processes, Business Structures, Customers Service Processes and much more making your business more effective.


Ask an Expert on Demand
(Gold and Silver door access)

This feature allows you to ask one of our highly experienced and qualified consultants any question to better help you manage yourself, your business and your people. It’s as simple as typing your question and we will provide you with answers and suggestions within 48hours relieving you of worry, supporting you with an extra layer of experience to resolve your issue and enabling you to get the job done.




(Gold, Silver and Bronze door access)

You can join a webinar and ask questions oneline with others. You will have realtime answers with experts and feel comfortable with other people in the same situations as you and prepare you for what you may not know.


Frequently Asked Questions
(Gold, Silver and Bronze door access)

If you have a question, others do too. As we receive questions from our members through Ask an Expert we will include them (anonymously, of course) along with our responses. So, not only will you have the resources from us you will have practical questions and answers from this community of members to use too.




Do’s and don’ts
(Gold, Silver and Bronze door access)

This quick ‘cheat’ sheet is perfect to give you background on topics as you fly to meetings. You’ll be ready with the answers quickly.


Monthly Top 5
(Gold, Silver and Bronze door access)

Each week we will keep you up to date with a link to the latest top 5 things you can focus on in managing yourself, others and your business. It will help you focus on the most important things and motivate you. Limited to 2 pages you can easily digest.




Topic Definitions
(Gold, Silver and Bronze door access)

Each definition will introduce you to what the topic is about and why it’s important. You will get the full breadth of the topic within one minute giving you the confidence and background to explain and talk to others about it.